Review: Outre Dominican Curly Synthetic Wig

Outre Dominican Curly Synthetic Wig

Hola! Today I'm quickly reviewing my current hairstyle: the Outre Dominican Curly Synthetic Wig. I've been watching so many videos on Youtube about curly wigs because I've wanted to buy one for the longest. 

I didn't think I was ready to buy a curly human hair wig, so I decided to test out a synthetic wig first to see if I liked it. After wearing this wig for the past few weeks, I think that the next curly hair I rock will definitely be a human hair wig.

I absolutely love this wig. It's full, it's bouncy, and it's eye-catching. I will say though that this hair tangles quite easily but I've figured out a way to keep that at bay: I finger comb it with a mousse.

Would y'all be interested in seeing how I keep the wig from frizzing too much?

It didn't smell too bad, but the mousse I put in it did alter it's smell for the better. It's a half wig, but it definitely fit my entire head which says a lot because I have a rather large head. 

I bought this unit on a trip to the beauty supply store but you can find it here on the Sam's Beauty site.  

I think I'll give the hair a rating of 7 out of 10. It's good for a synthetic wig, but the tangling started about two days into me wearing the wig. I've had other hair that gave me a week or two of wear before tangling. 

Let me know if you want to know anything else about this hair.

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