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Wow, it's been a minute, but guess what? This bio major life is NO JOKE. I literally have a breakdown just about every other day. But that's fine because I have faith that it will only make me stronger. And everyday that goes by is another day closer to my goals. So, I CUT MY HAIR! The big chop happened! And it absolutely happened by accident! Well, sort of. I have a story time post coming up with all the details on that, plus you'll get to see what color I dye my hair. Ahhh! Can you guess what it is?

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Let me tell you guys about my Calculus class. It's horrible. Your girl is not a math person at all. The last time I may have actually enjoyed math was before the multiplication table got into to the sixes. Yes, as soon as we went from 6 x 6 = 36 to 6 x 7 = whatever the answer is, it was over for me. "I'm tagging in the next person! I'm done here!" There's also this super sassy guy in my class (who I like to call Mr. Mental Math) who is consistently just doing the most. He's the guy who will correct the professor, just because he can, and even when he's wrong he'll insist. Yep, he's that guy. I like him though, he keeps class interesting.

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My Chemistry lecture is also a mess. I thought I was just slow but my professor is honestly just fast. Excuse me for assuming that I was sitting in class to learn. What I found out was that the in-class portion of Chemistry was only meant to supplement the learning that I was doing on my own. Oh. Okay then. Chemistry Lab is another story though. I love it. I think it's because I'm a hands on person (a kinesthetic learner, if you want to get fancy) and just like actively absorbing information through actions and experiments. I'm totally in the loop in that class and I appreciate that, you know. It's refreshingly different from what goes on in lecture.

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I'm taking a Professional Writing class that I'm really enjoying because although I fare better in the realms of fictional/creative writing and research paper/essay writing, I find that I'm learning lots of valuable lessons about effective communication. If you know me, you know that I'm super expressive when I talk and I just can't talk without moving one, two, or all of the following: my hands, my brows, my shoulders, my head, my entire body. This class really challenges me to be professional in my communication while still being true to myself and writing in a way that a large audience regardless of educational or cultural background will understand. 

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Outside of academia, I've been working on  a few special personal and blog related projects that I hope to be sharing with you all really soon. As a recent highlight, my friend Kristen and I went to target and bought a bunch of chocolate the day after Valentine's Day. If you don't do this already, you need to get on it  because the chocolate is half off! We went back to campus and ate it as we watched Grey's Anatomy, my latest show obsession. Yes, I'm know I'm late to the party, but I'm here now so woohoo!

Kristen Aguilar Photography

Anywayyyyy, I'll see you all in the next post, there are some chemical equations that need balancing before midnight. *sigh*

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