Hello! Today I thought I'd share a little Nosy Nancy post with you all. I'm sharing what's on my phone! I love watching "what's on my phone"videos on Youtube and reading the written versions on blogs so I wanted to share what was on mine.

It's nothing too riveting as I'm not a fan of having a phone that's too cluttered. You'll notice that almost everything is classified in some sort of folder.

The first screen is just my wallpaper, and as you can see, I love plants. On the second screen all the apps you see are the default apps, minus the Google Maps app (I downloaded that one). On the third screen, I have all my apps organized into folders: Communication, Photos and Videos, Social Media, Lifestyle, Productivity, and Extras.

In my Communication folder I have:

Whatsappp | to keep in touch with my family when  I'm overseas. It's free and the call quality is usually pretty good even in bad internet connection areas.

Facetime | because some conversations are best had face to face and if I'm too far from the person I'm trying to talk face to face with, this app is my go to. Unfortunately, it's not available for androids but that's fine because Whatsapp is and it has a video call feature now too.

Viber | because the call quality is sometimes better than that of Whatsapp, plus they have cute stickers! But I don't use this one nearly as often as I use Whatsapp.

Skype | because group Facetimes are surprisingly not a thing (sad face). I have it on my laptop too.

In my Photo and Video folder I have:

Photogrid | is the app I use to make quotes on my instagram. It's also handy for making collages.

Aviary | is a photo editor that has a plethora of uses and I'll dive into more of them when I write a post on how I edit my instagram photos.

Snapseed | is another photo editing app. I use this one mainly to make my whites whiter in my instagram photos through the use of its "selective" tool.

UnUm | is an app I love to use to plan out my instagram feed. It also lets you schedule your posts for a later time when you may not be available to do it manually.

VSCO | is the app everyone and their mother uses to edit their instagram pictures. You can spot their filters anywhere.

In my Social Media folder I have:

Snapchat | because the flower crown filter is my life.

Pinterest | because I love all the great ideas and blog posts I come across that lead me to cool blogs and websites.

Tumblr | I run an inspirational fitblr (fitness tumblr) that you can follow right here.

Instagram | is probably hands down my favorite app and you can follow me right here.

WeHeartIt | is full of inspirational pictures and aesthetic.What can I say? I love pretty things. It has pretty things. It's a no-brainer.

Bloglovin | to keep up with my favorite blogs while I'm on the go.

In my Lifestyle folder I have:

Amazon | because spending money you should be saving doesn't just have to be confined to my laptop.

Uber | because I don't have a car and I'm too lazy to walk.

Wells Fargo | because keeping track of my finances conveniently is a priority.

Al Jazeera (English) | is my favorite news outlet. They're unbiased and they tell it like it is.

Bounce | is my favorite game and sometimes I have exactly 3 minutes to spare so I'll bounce around.

Life | to track my menstrual cycle.

Soundcloud | because Apple Music doesn't really let me discover new up and coming musicians like these two guys I'm obsessed with right now.

Youtube | to watch all my favorite beauty gurus, TED Talks, and vloggers.

In my Productivity folder I have:

Google Docs | because sometimes I pull out a essay and add a few sentences to it while I'm walking to class.

Dropbox | because I'm not a huge iCloud fan when it comes to photo storage.

Google Drive | to be able to access all my school work and other such documents.

In my Extras folder I have apps I don't really use:

Compass | I don't really need to know what direction I'm heading.

Tips | I think I've figured out my iPhone.

Voice Memos | I only use this to record lectures I know I'll zone out in.

Contacts | I can access this from the phone app already.

Find Friends | I occasionally use this to track down my friends and see if they're actually where they said they'd be.

Find iPhone | I have my phone on me at all times so I doubt I'll ever use this.

What's your favorite app?


What's On My Phone

College is usually a great experience! You're thrown into independence with little more than a laptop, a suitcase full of clean underwear, and a pillow. 

Okay, slight exaggeration—rather, I hope that's not the start your college years get off to. What I’m trying to get at is that it’s all new, and if you chose to live on campus rather than commute, you’re pretty much on your own.

culture shock

This can be an especially isolating experience if you’re an incoming international student like I was. Coming to the United States from a high school in East Africa was a huge change, and the culture shock hit me hard.

I had chosen to go to a small university in the hopes of my transition being smoother because I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by vast amounts of students. That was a main deciding factor for me as I had gone to a rather small high school (260ish people) and graduated from a class of 50—well, 49 because one person didn’t quite make it. Being in a small environment where I could really get to know people was my thing.

I’m what some people would call an extrovert. I don’t really have trouble talking to strangers, and I love getting to know new people. So naturally, when I arrived, that’s what I did. 

And something unusual happened. 

There was a cultural barrier that hindered me from truly connecting with the people I was meeting.

A lot of the people I was interacting with had either lived in the city their whole lives, or came from a city nearby. Many of them knew each other, and subsequently had shared experiences. 

I found it difficult to connect with them because all my life, I had hopped from country to country living on and visiting almost all seven continents. I realized that the reason I was able to connect with people whose culture was vastly different from mine was because they reciprocated the desire to connect with me and my culture. 

People I came acrosss didn't tend to care about where I came from because they didn't know about it.

"I found it difficult to connect"

I found that whenever I introduced myself as being from the Democratic Republic of Congo, very few of my peers knew where that was aside from it possibly being in Africa. Once I confirmed that it was indeed in Africa, a lot of ignorant questions would ensue.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like answering questions about my culture—I love it!—I just don’t appreciate ignorance. There is a big difference between asking if infrastructure is really as underdeveloped as it is portrayed in the media versus asking me if I ride lions and zebras to school. 

Can you see how the latter would be a little offensive?

I dutifully answered any and all questions that came my way. But when I in turn asked questions about America and its cultural norms, there were quite a few people who made me feel as though I should already know these things and made jokes (at my expense) out of my lack of knowledge.

For any new person, it’s hard to keep your chin up in such an environment and I found myself hit with an intense bout of homesickness. I didn’t want to be there anymore. 

I just wanted to go home. I called my father and demanded that he book me a flight home immediately if he really loved me. He told me these exact words: “Come home for what? There’s nothing for you here.”

"I just wanted to go home."

Although his opening phrase was harsh, he proceeded to explain to me that I had done all the possible growing  that I could do from home and that it was time that I be tested by the world. 

Only by weathering the storms outside of my comfort zone would I experience real growth. He didn’t raise a quitter, he said. And you know what? He was right. 

He hadn’t raised a quitter, and I wasn’t about to become one just because things weren’t going my way.

So I doubled my efforts in interacting with people around me all while remembering one lesson that my father taught me long ago. 

It’s a lesson that I would want all international students—actually, any college student—to know:

 "You must never change who you are and forget where you’re from in order to gain the acceptance of others. Be you and you’ll attract the people that need to be in your life."


Being an International Student: My Culture Shock Story

new years resolutions 2017

Wow. 2017. There’s something that just really makes me giddy about a brand new year. Knowing that I can put the past behind me and set myself up for a fantastic new year is just so exciting to me. I thought I’d put my resolutions here on the blog so they have a permanent place somewhere I’ll come back to often.

1 | Blog Consistently

The first resolution pertains to this blog. I love blogging, I really do, but I was so discouraged towards the end of last year when my previous blog (iamshenga.com) was taken down because my webhost wasn’t cooperating with me. 

I wasn’t able to recover the name either so here I am starting over with a new blog. I was however able to salvage  a few of my old posts which you can find here on this blog. This post is my very first post on helloshenga.com, and I have a bunch more planned! I’m so excited!! I want to have a new post up for you guys at least twice a week but I’m shooting for three.

2 | Make My Health A Priority

Would this really be a post about New Year resolutions if I didn’t mention health related goals?  Last year (last semester in particular), I found myself dealing with a lot of stress, and subsequently ate a lot to deal with it. 

Not healthy. 

So over the past two weeks I’ve been mentally and physically preparing myself to completely turn that around. Through healthy eating and exercise, along with listening to my body and what it needs, I’m going to be making active steps towards being the best version of myself that I can be.

3 | Meet New People

I’m an extrovert by nature but last semester I really found myself feeling insecure. Insecure about my weight, my looks, and my worth. I didn’t know how to handle it because that just wasn’t me. 

I know I’m beautiful, I know I’m intelligent, and I know that my capacity to love and bring a smile to the faces of those around me speak volumes. I had started shying away from social situations. 

I’ve always been the person to say hi first but I found myself waiting on the other person/people to make that first move. But this year I’m taking back that confidence. I want to meet new people how I’ve always done it: out of the blue and to the surprise of the other person. 

So little old bus stop grandpas, janitors, and flower shop ladies, I’m coming for ya!

4 | Speak Positivity Into The Lives of Those Around Me

This is the one I’m most excited about. I want to actively speak positivity into the lives of those around me. I want to make the people a stumble upon feel loved, special, and important. 

I know that everyone struggles with their own insecurities but I want to at least be a small contributing factor to the smile that graces someone’s face. I want to be the catalyst that sets someone’s day back on the right path. All this because everyone needs a little cheering up once in a while.

Last but not least, I just want to say a big thank you for stopping by and reading the very first post on helloshenga.com. When my blog, iamshenga.com, suffered complications that terminated its existence on the internet (RIP), I didn’t know if I would ever come back to the world of blogging. But here I am! When the blogging bug bites, it bites hard. So here’s to a year full of growth on this new blog!


Twenty Seventeen: A Few Resolutions

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