What's In My Carry-On?

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Let me start by confessing that I don't believe in having a singular carry-on. I always travel with two. And ladies, guess what? You can do it too. I'm tired of seeing ladies walking around the airport with just their purse and giving me questioning looks when I walk to my flight gate with my purse and my backpack. All airlines allow you to have a carry-on, and because we're ladies and love having stuff with us, a purse!

My backpack always goes in the overhead compartment, and my tote goes underneath the seat in front of me. Airports and airplanes are great, but until we figure out how to teleport to places, your girl is about to be carrying a bunch of stuff with her at all times. So without further ado, here are my carry-on essentials.

iPhone, iPhone Charger, Power Bank

I have the iPhone 6 Plus and I doubt there's  anywhere I go without it. I also always have my favorite power bank with me for when I need to recharge. Once it charges my phone, I charge it back up for the next time my battery is on the brink of death.


Airplane headsets just don't cut it for me so I usually bring my own.

Laptop, Laptop Charger

I highly recommend you don't put your laptop in your checked luggage because even if you put a "fragile" sticker on your suitcase, I can pretty much guarantee that it'll get tossed about with all  the other suitcases.

Journal, Pencil Case

Sometimes, inspiration strikes when you're 34,000 miles above the ground, and I'm always ready to jot things down.


I love being able to delve into scripture while I'm flying. There's something about being so high up that makes me feel like I'm closer to God.

Folder of Necessary Documents (I-20, Itinerary, Boarding Passes)

I like to keep a folder of all of my travel documents so that nothing is misplaced or falls out of my purse by accident. Before I implemented my folder system, I had lost one too many boarding passes as I ran through airports.

Passport or ID

If you don't have one of these with you, I don't even know how you got on the plane, lol.


It's always good to have some money on you just in case.

Mini Lotion

My hands are perpetually dry so I always always always travel with a mini lotion.

Baby Wipes

These are very handy for a quick clean up of just about anything.

Lip Balm

The atmosphere in planes is so dry, lip balm is definitely a must for me.

Neck Pillow

Awkwardly leaning on the person next to you can be uncomfortable for the both of you, that's why I bought this neck pillow and faithfully fly with it everywhere.


Airplanes get pretty chilly, so I like to make sure I have a scarf handy.


I'm a compulsive snacker. There, I said it. But also, I like to keep snacks around because with all the time zone changes I go through, I'm the person who gets hungry when they're not offering food on the flight.

Toothbrush and Mini Toothpaste

Long layovers and long flights are just not the time to have bad breath. So I make sure I have my toothbrush and a small tube of colgate with me.

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