5 Beauty Habits to Build This Summer

I'm roughly halfway through my summer vacation and I decided to make some changes to my lifestyle. Mainly adopting five habits in the areas of beauty, health, and faith. I am a firm believer in the importance of personal upkeep and improvement.

That's why I'm sharing the five habits I am working on adopting this summer and hopefully you'll like them enough to adopt them too! Here's the beauty edition.


For any woman, young and old, soft-to-the-touch skin is something to be desired. However, dead skin cells show mercy to no woman! That's why I think this one is exceptionally important. 

Exfoliation gets rid of any debris that may be caught in the epidermis as well as rids you of the build up of dead skin cell. Many ladies make the mistake of only exfoliating their faces, but girl, exfoliate ya whole body. Don't neglect those elbows now! 

My favorite face and body scrub of the moment is by the brand ODEON (I use the 'Apricot & Almond'one). Unfortunately it's not a well known  brand so it's not available in the United States or on a reputable site online. However, if you live in Kenya, I know you can find it at Nakumatt or Super Cosmetics. I'll definitely be buying it in bulk and taking it back to the US this fall. 


I have always been a firm believer in not needing sunscreen because God didn't give me all this melanin to burn up in the sun. And I hated that most sunscreens turn me an awkward shade of alien purple. Besides, I think I still look pretty good a few shades darker (#EbonyGang woot woot!). 

But let me tell you, girl, skin cancer apparently doesn't discriminate. So when I step out into sunny weather, I make sure I have some sunscreen on, and you should too! Purple is in this summer, so I'll be rocking it on my swimsuit and my complexion. (But real talk, I need anti-purple sunscreen recommendations, ladies!)


I know you've heard it time and time again, but this one is so essential, it doesn't even make sense. Actually, it makes so much sense but so many of us neglect it. Some of us think we do a bang up job of monitoring our water intake but we're really falling short. 

Water makes sure that our body is operating under peak conditions and as a bonus, it helps us maintain clear skin. When I drink more water, I see less pimples (hallelujah!) and i just feel better overall. 

So carry that bottle around with you this summer! You need to stay hydrated now more than ever since you're out in the heat seizing the day.


Oh gosh, this is one I've been committed to doing at least once a week. We often forget that just as we clean the surface we apply the makeup to, we need to clean the tools we apply the makeup with. 

Makeup brushes sitting in a bag, or on display in a pretty container are really hotbeds for bacteria. As great as your immune system and germ defense is, don't test its limits. 

Clean those brushes every one to two weeks in lukewarm soapy water and pat them dry, then let them air dry over night. You'll see prolonged life of your brushes, and better performance overall.


Trust and believe girl, there is no quicker way to acquire those split ends then sleeping with your hair down. Unless you're going for the bird's nest chic look this summer, I suggest you tie up your hair either in a pony tail, or for my girls with curlier hair, a head scarf. 

Your pillowcase is not kind to your hair, and if you often find yourself switching up positions mid-slumber, it's time to invest in good hair protecting habits. 

Want more tips? Go ahead and check out the 5 healthy habits you can build this summer right now!

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