The College Girl's Guide to Befriending Your Professor

When it comes to college, it's always good to have a few professors in your corner. They'll be helpful to you not just in class, and in office hours, but also once you've left college and need a recommendation, or if they have a friend in the field you're interested in. Remember, networking in college isn't reserved for people outside of your social cirle. 

For some people however, befriending professors is easier said than done. That's why with these tips I'm about to give you, I'm hoping you'll have an easier go about it. 

It's never too soon to start making good relationships with your professors, especially relationships that could potentially last years.

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Your professor most likely has a PhD. That's basically the highest level of education you can attain. So don't think for one second that your professor is not going to see right through your advances if they're not genuine. 

If you've been sitting at the back of the class or hall making noise and being disruptive then decide to come up to your professor and thank them for the wonderful lecture (that you weren't paying attention to), they'll know. 

And will  probably think less of you for it.

Don't insult your professor's intelligence by being disingenuous. If instead you've been sitting near the front, have been making eye contact, and nodding along, and asking the occasional question, the professor will notice this. 

Then when you come up to thank them for the lecture, they'll know that it was genuine because you were actively receiving the knowledge they were imparting.

"Don't insult your professor's intelligence by being disingenuous."


I know you've probably heard it a bunch of times that you need to be on time to your class, but in all seriousness, if you're trying to get this professor on your good side, be early. 

I'm not talking walk in at 8:55 for your 9 am. I'm talking a good ten to fifteen minutes early if possible. 

Forget being on time, being early is the new it thing. I  know that's not possible for everyone, trust me, it's pretty much impossible for me too since I have back to back classes on some mornings. But when  I can afford to, I get there early.

Getting there early gives you the opportunity to chat with your professor. Be it about the weather, the Panthers game, a cool thing you found online that's related to the class, the latest news on an issue, etc. The list goes on. 

If you can't make it to class early for a chat, stay after class for a few minutes and chat. This works great because it opens you up to conversations about what you just learned, and professors love it when students can connect the work they did in class with stuff outside of class.

"Forget being on time, being early is the new it thing!"


Listen, I get it, it may seem daunting to approach this incredibly well read and super intelligent individual. But guess what? Professors are humans too and they love to be listened to and told things in confidence, and made to laugh, and all that great stuff  just like you and me. 

They feel the same emotions we do and they've shared the same experiences we have (to some extent).

It may have been yeeeeeeaarrrrrs ago, but it still happened. So ask about the path to their career, ask about funny moments, ask about the best lessons they've learned. Get your professor talking! Little stories about their past will bond you and give you a special little connection.

"Get your professor talking!" 


As you and your professor become closer, consider picking her up a "just because" latte once in a while. Now if it's a male professor, I would always exercise caution in pursuing a friendship because you don't want it to become inappropriate or to even appear inappropriate because both of you could get in trouble. But that's just a quick word of warning that you should take seriously.

"Pick up a 'just because' coffee once in a while." 


It's great to go to office hours to discuss work you didn't understand, but girl, going to office hours to have a chat is so much more fun! The professor  may be a little more relaxed sitting in their reclining swivel chair, with their cup of coffee, and all  that good stuff.

 So take a seat across from them, discuss a little work, but feel absolutely free to digress into other topics. The hours will literally fly by! Don't do this too often though. 

I'm pretty sure there's other people who want to actually get help during these office hours and we definitely don't want to rob them of that opportunity (Lord knows they pay enough for it!).

"Take a seat... digress!" 

Well there are my five tips! I hope they help you befriend your professors! Let me know if you try any of these. I would love to know how it works out for you, girl! I really did miss you. So many hugs, so many kisses.

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