I've been in college for a good three months at this point and I like to think that I qualify as being well versed (to some extent) in what is actually necessary, and what is unnecessary to bring to college. 

Today however, I wanted to briefly share with you five items that are no-brainers. So much so that they sometimes slip from our minds entirely. But I can't even begin to stress their importance to your daily life as a college student. 

I've read countless college shopping lists and the fact that some of these were forgotten is somewhat offensive. These five will probably come more in handy than the majority of the stuff you are currently splurging on. 

So without further ado, I present to you The Five Unsung Heroes of Your College Shopping List: 

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college shopping list

1 | Clorox or Lysol Wipes

This one is at the top of the list for a reason. There will always be a spill, a smudge, or a layer of dust. I am in love with Clorox wipes, so much so that I buy it in bulk. You don't even have to see dirt to use the wipes, I like  to pass them over my surfaces because you never really know what is on people's hands when they're touching up on the stuff in your room or what flies in through the window when it's open. 

And while you're grabbing the Clorox Wipes, go ahead and grab the bleach too. I always recommend giving your bathroom a thorough clean every week at the very least. 

My roommate and I didn't actually use the Clorox bleach because we were too scared of the fumes so we stuck with a much better alternative. 

The lavender Fabuloso

It smells BOMB, and it cleans fabulously (see what I did there?). What more could you ask for? 

Bonus Tip: Leave the bottle of Fabuloso open on top of our AC or in front of your fan while you go to class, and come back to a room that smells amazing. 

2 | Vacuum 

If you are moving into a dorm with a carpet, you'll definitely need to invest in a vacuum or at least a broom and dust pan. Crumbs from late night snacks, debris from shoes, and a plethora of other things get caught in your carpet hairs and vacuuming picks it all up and makes your carpet look a whole lot  better. 

Vacuums these days are so handy because they come in some pretty compact sizes. Bissell makes them detachable so you have an upright vacuum and  a handheld one for those harder to reach places. 

If you  want to check out the one we have, you can get it right here and for roughly $20, it's definitely been worth it. The compactness of its size is a huge plus because dorm rooms aren't as big as we'd all like, so anything that doesn't take up a chunk of space is a plus in our book.

While you're at it, get some carpet cleaner too. It had never occurred to me until my roommate bought some and we started using it and noticed our carpets looked better, and our room smelled better from the floor up. And this way, we didn't have qualms about sitting on the ground in our room.

3 | Toilet Paper + Paper Towels

Yeah, your parents may have provided it your whole life, but guuurrrrl, this here is college now! You don't want to be caught mid toilet session only to find out that you have no toilet paper. 

That's not fun for you, and it's not fun for the person you're inevitably going to call to bring you some (shout out to my roommate for being a good sport about it). Worst case scenario, everyone you call is in class. 

It's just not worth it. 

So stock up early and stock up often. And you know what, even though you're on a college student budget, indulge in the extra soft stuff once in a while. That one ply is just not going to do it, and because it's so thin, you won't resist the urge to pull out a whole bunch every time you need to use some.

And as for the paper towels, there will always be a spill somewhere, or something needs to be wiped down with something other than Clorox wipes. And they're also great for eating messy snacks on. No one likes crumbs, so paper towels are an easy clean up buddy.

4 | Plastic Bags

Listen, trash piles up. Duh. But no one likes to empty out their trashcan and find sticky [insert displeasing substance here] at the bottom of their trashcan. Here comes Mr. Plastic Bag to save the day! 

Buying trash bags is great and everything, but there's a much cheaper and somewhat environmentally friendly way to dispose of your trash.What  my roommate and I do is save all the plastic bags we get from Walmart, Target, Marshalls, and pretty much anywhere we shop really, and use those to fill our trash bins. 

We basically give the plastic bags a second life and a renewed sense of purpose.

5 | Tape

So many things will fall apart during college. 

Your remote, your binder, your project, your life even. 

Keep some tape handy. Whether its duct tape, scotch tape, or masking tape, it never hurts to have a variety handy. It won't just serve you either because I can guarantee someone's something is falling apart down the hall and they'll be knocking on your door asking to borrow some.


The Five Unsung Heroes of Your College Shopping List

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